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Wine and Champagne, when you have something to celebrate.

Of course you can also order your wine or champagne. We can combine several gifts for delivery in the Netherlands. Whether your choice is in red wine, white wine or even rosé, everthing is possible. Is it really special, you can also choose from various types of champagne. 

Refine range

Max. price
€ 11,95
€ 19,95
€ 11,95
€ 11,95
€ 14,95
€ 22,95

Because our range is so wide, the wine and champagne can not be missed. You can have your wine delivered possibly combined with flowers or a flower arrangement, 1 bin, 2 and even 3-bins. You can even order a bottle of wine with a unique label. So, in this way, the bottle of wine will become more personal.