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Fruit basket
Fruit baskets, who would give anything healty!

You can order also fruit baskets on

These fruit baskets can be delivered to patients including, of course, very healthy, and extra vitamins are always there. Fruit baskets can unfortunately not be combined with other products are sent, both for logistical reasons and because flowers and fruits together like a little bite. Flowers and fruit together with bacteria that infect the fruit will rot quickly and flowers soon decay.

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Max. price
€ 49,50
€ 38,50
€ 49,50
€ 59,95
€ 59,95
€ 19,95
€ 27,50

Fruit baskets are usually ordered for patients in the hospital. Very important is that all data passes well, the data from the hospital, department and room number. Always check the patient at the time of delivery has not been discharged from hospital. If you doubt, you can better deliver the fruit basket at the home address.