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Anthurium Red Today

Beautiful flowering plant for interior with red flowers. Complete with matching pot.

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First possible delivery date: 21-11-2017
This product is available in the Netherlands.

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  • Red flowers are the epitome of romance, love and passion. Red roses in particular are perhaps the flower best associated with love - the true Valentine's flower. Red flowers, particularly red roses, are also said to be an expression of respect, admiration and beauty.
  • The Anthurium is a strong plant for in home. The best known species are Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium scherzerianum (the flamingo plant). In the seventies the Anthurium was very popular and now is it again, as house plant and cut flower.
    The Anthurium belongs to the arum family, Aracae, there are approximately 1,000 species. The name Anthurium is a composition of anthos (flower) and Oura (tail). The name is clear in the flower form reflected. The flowers are small and sit down to the flower flask. It is the bract (spatha) that the ornamental value of the flour is.
    The plant needs a lot of light but can't stand bright sunlight. Cold is not good for this plant that grows naturally in the subtropics. The Anthurium likes high humidity and can therefore stand well in a kitchen or light bathroom. When you remove the flowers which are blossomed out, the Anthurium will flourish. In the winter, the plant need a rest. Put the plant than a couple of weeks in a light spot with a minimum temperature of 15 ÂșC. Over time, the flowers are planted again.